Stars Can Troll Trump by Cutting the Music

Rihanna wants Donald Trump to stop playing her music at his rallies. So does Pharrell Williams. And Axl Rose supplied his own woke Twitter thread and distaste for Trump.

These three megastars join a long list of artists who have publicly disavowed or legally attempted to prevent Trump from using their music at his rallies. And every single other pop star should join them.

It’s no secret that conservatives hold zero pop cultural clout. You’ve heard their gripes about outspoken athletes and how bad Saturday Night Live is. Since Kanye West’s seeming flip back to reality, the most culturally relevant conservative celebrity is James Woods—a conspiracy monger who hasn’t made a good movie this century. And they created their own version of Twitter in the hopes of escaping liberal censorship, but instead opened a cesspool of internet hatred that directly led to the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. (Who could’ve seen that coming, right?)

Many pop stars vocally oppose Donald Trump already. But banding together to prevent their music from playing Trump rallies would be the final twist of the knife in conservative cultural relevance.

Conservatives, of course, would huff and puff about how they don’t care. They’d write op-eds about celebrity culture, that “this is how we got Trump” and how they don’t need the approval of Hollywood elites.

But the best part is, they do care. Right wingers want to be the romantic Hollywood version of hip and cool so badly that they try portraying conservatism as a “counterculture.” What better way to troll the trolls by forcing them to hear only garbage MAGA raps and Toby Keith at Trump rallies?

It doesn’t matter that cease-and-desisting is a legal gray area. Trump and his team will find loopholes and play the music they want when it’s all said and done. But the sound of conservative crybabies that would come before it would be too good to pass up.