Spookiest Contemporary Indie Music Videos to Watch this Halloween

Boo! Did I scare you? Well, these music videos sure will.

Whether you’re watching these bad boys alone in a dark room or letting them play in the background of a killer Halloween party, you’re gonna be movin’ and groovin’ like a couple of tap dancing skeletons or swaying ghosts.

Below are the 13 unlucky music videos that were released this year by badass indie-rockers. You might be spooked by the visuals, but you’ll fall in love with the tunes.

Beware and watch below.

SUO, “Unsatisfied Blood”

You’ll be freaked out by how turned on you are by the murder scene in this groovy number.


Kewl, “Glamour Muscles”

The most gruesome take on the classic Goldie Locks story set to a spooky disco beat will really amp up your Halloween.


Angel Olsen, “All Mirrors”

Introspection can be more terrifying than the monsters outside—Angel Olsen will force you into that dark space deep within your own mind.


Conan Gray, “Maniac”

This indie-pop star in the making has released the perfect zombie music video for your viewing pleasure.


The Shivas, “Gloria”

An eerie mystery is set to a rockin’ indie beat that sends shivers down your spine.


Frankie & the Witch Fingers, “I Am Underneath You”

Claymation is the best, especially when it’s creating monsters booging down to psych-rock like in this music video.


Iguana Death Cult, “Nature Calls”

I’m not exactly sure what spooked me about this video, but something about a guy going crazy alone at karaoke gave me the heeby jeebies.


Native Sun, “Oedipus Race”

The Oedipus story is already spooky enough, now we’ve got the punk rock of Native Sun for its scary soundtrack.


Starcrawler, “Bet My Brains”

Frontwoman Arrow de Wilde usually drenches herself in fake blood and lets loose on stage, so even though this music video is sans blood, it’s still just as crazy.


Dope Lemon, “Hey You”

You ain’t got nothing on these Furries’ costumes.


The Mystery Lights, “Someone Else is in Control”

There’s nothing scarier than feeling like you’re not in control of your own actions and The Mystery Lights sure know it.


Surf Curse “Hour of the Wolf”

The song might sound sweet, but the video is full of spooky shadows and curious creatures.


The Muckers “This Town Will Drag Us Down”

The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle isn’t for the weak-hearted and The Muckers ain’t no weak-hearted rockers.