Spongebob Squarepants’ ‘Bikini Bottom Mysteries’ Is Brilliant

Spongebob Squarepants was never heavy on continuity or consistency. It wasn’t ever a problem but they’ve found a solution and it’s nothing short of ingenious nonetheless.

If you follow the classic Nickelodeon show on Facebook you’ve likely come across Bikini Bottom Mysteries, a series of short videos picking apart aspects of the show that don’t make sense or match up with the rest of the series and spinning them out it to be as part of an Unsolved Mysterious-inspired program.

It’s absolutely brilliant. Most shows, if they miss something in the series’ timeline or forget about a certain side character or something along those lines, they either ignore it or amend it. Bikini Bottom Mysteries embraces those mistakes.

Take Spongebob’s pet, Gary the snail, for example. In some episodes, he has a pink swirl and blue spots on his shell, while in others he has a blue swirl and pink spots. In Bikini Bottom Mysteries it’s not a slip up by the animator but a potential sea dweller conspiracy. “Explain yourself, Gary,” the foreboding baritone narrator says. “Is this an imposter Gary or is the real Gary hiding something?”

Harold | Bikini Bottom Mysteries

In the peaceful city of Bikini Bottom, there’s one fish on the edge…

Posted by Bikini Bottom Mysteries on Monday, November 19, 2018

“Harold,” Bikini Bottom Mysteries

The most recent video goes into one of the most loved and mysterious side characters, Fred the Fish. In every Bikini Bottom disaster, you hear in the background someone crying, “my leg!” Until now it’s never been acknowledged by the show. Now we know it has been Fred the Fish all along. But Bikini Bottom Mysteries takes you even further into the Fred the Fish rabbit hole. He’s never the same color, has several jobs and accents. How does he know where all these unfortunate incidents will occur? “Could he be the one causing the mayhem so he can hurt his leg?” is the question Bikini Bottom Mysteries leaves in your head.

Fred "My Leg!" | Bikini Bottom Mysteries

We’ve all heard his cries… but do you know the mysterious truth behind Fred “MY LEG!” the Fish?!

Posted by Bikini Bottom Mysteries on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

“Fred ‘My Leg'” Bikini Bottom Mysteries

Bikini Bottom Mysteries even prompts audience participation by asking if you’ve “seen something strange” leave a comment about it so the series can feature it in another episode.

Lots of millennials like myself love Spongebob Squarepants. My mom says we’re the “Spongebob generation.” So, as someone from the “Spongebob generation,” I’m glad the show is finally addressing these perplexing mysteries that have haunted me all my life. Like where did Pearl come from? Was she adopted? We all know Mr. Krabs didn’t produce a whale calf. Or why is Squidward such a bummer all the time? Does he have some tragic backstory from when he was a kid? Whatever questions you might have or if you see something strange Bikini Bottom Mysteries is on the case.