Sopranos Winter Style Guide

The Sopranos costume design is underrated. The prestige show’s fashion has received much more attention in recent years, thanks in part to Instagram accounts like Sopranos Style. But even the biggest Sopranos fans can overlook the program’s style. It was ahead of its time and uniquely authentic to the place and time and people it portrayed. Costume design can elevate a show from good to great—the Sopranos‘ was as perfect as its casting, writing, and acting.

The hallmark of great cinema fashion isn’t just authenticity, but functionality. And what better way to appreciate an iconic show’s overlooked costume design than working some of its best looks into your own wardrobe? As temperatures drop, the greatest show in history has plenty of tips on how to stay fashion forward, whether you’re heading out for a socially distant night on the town, gearing up for your weekly Zoom meeting, or lost in the Pine Barrens trying to find some Russian guy. With a little help from our favorte Sopranos fashion account, we’ve come up with a few looks you won’t be sorry slipping into this winter.

Tony’s Timeless Robe

Every season is robe season, but they come in extra handy during winter. Nobody likes waking up in the morning freezing their cazzis off while they make coffee or walk out for the morning paper. Tony’s look is iconic—you can’t do much better than all-white. But if you’re stepping out for a stroll down your idyllic Franklin Lakes driveway, we’d suggest closing up for warmth.

Ralphie’s Turtleneck Undershirt

Got a business meeting but feeling a little under the weather? Or maybe you just want to make a statement about comfort and professionalism? Slap a thick turtleneck on underneath your dress shirt for a look that screams confidence. Ralphie wore this while it while playing the ugliest version of pickup basketball in television history (with a sweater wrapped around his waist to boot), but it goes without saying that this look is ideal for chillier weather.

Gloria Trillo’s Glorious Coat(s)

Gloria was a brief and tragic Soprano flame, but her costumes packed a punch. If you’re trying to elevate your goomah game this winter, take a page out of Trillo’s book and show up to the function looking better than anyone else.

Carmela’s Killer Mink

Is it unethical? Yes. But so is just about everything the Sopranos do, so when it looks this good we’ll allow it. If you’re afraid of PETA activists dousing you with blood, consider wearing it around the house to glamorize your WFH game. Technically it’s not excessive if no one can see it.

Bobby Bacala’s Hunting Getup

When you’ve got the sheer alpha pedigree of a Bobby Baccaclieri, sport hunting is a year-round game. Don’t show up unprepared—layer up with thick camouflage and a neon vest for your fellow hunters. Even if you can’t make it out to the woods, this is the perfect outfit for your holiday gathering that screams “I’d literally rather be out in the wilderness than spending time with you people.”

Christopher’s Pine Barrens Poncho

Improvising is important.  And even when you’re stranded in the middle of the woods you can pull off a dynamite seasonal ensemble with a little creativity. Just look at Christopher here—freezing half to death inspired him to create a chic, insulating poncho out of a measly van carpet. (Paulie doesn’t look half bad either, and let’s not forget he turned that same carpet into a makeshift snowshoe). Don’t let your circumstances box you in.

The Jaaaaaaaacket!

Ho! You thought we’d cover Sopranos chilly weather fashion without this gem? Forget that you automatically become the toughest guy in Essex County once you put it on—this jacket is a classic double-breasted leather dream. Broad-shouldered fellas like Tony might not appreciate it, but this jacket is essential for your winter rotation. Just don’t ask Rocco DiMeo about it.