Song Debut: “Nightie” by Sis

“Nightie,” the new song by Sis, feels lulling but restless. It’s no surprise it was born from a dream.

It began when Sis lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Jenny Gillespie Mason woke from a disturbing dream where she encountered her shadow self in a stairwell. It was frightening but familiar for Mason, a woman whose dreams abound with mysterious creatures looking to snatch her away.

“I’ve had dreams of alien abduction since I was a small child, and have always wondered if they really happened,” she says. “They seemed so real and I even have a weird bump on my finger that just appeared one day around age seven—a microchip, some believers have tried to convince me.”

As she unfolded the song with her fellow members of San Francisco experimental project Sis, Mason was drawn to the metaphor of a dream as a kind of alien abduction.

“Each night our conscious self is abducted by one’s psyche, into a realm we can’t understand,” she says. “We even end up having a psychic surgery of sorts—one’s unintelligible parts strive to be deciphered, through image and symbol.”

Listen “Nightie” below. But beware: you never know how might show up in your dreams after you hear it.

Sis is on tour now.
11/24: Brooklyn, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store
11/25: Philadelphia, PA @ Maas Building (with Julia Rainer and Anna Connolly)
11/27: Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
11/29: Durham, NC @ Arcana
11/30: Washington, DC Songbyrd