Smoky Trails & Solid Tunes This Week on BTRtoday

With Thanksgiving and black Friday behind you, it’s no wonder you’re feeling sluggish. Don’t feel guilty. Lean into it. Crawl under a blanket, turn up the indie rock and flip through show photos. If you really insist on exercising, make sure there’s no smoke in the air.

Clean Spill Talk New Music, Surfing & Santa Barbara

The indie rockers use music and surfing to rebel against the elite in their upper class town.

Healthy Running in Smoky Conditions

California wildfires are canceling major races. How can you tell if the air quality is safe enough to hit the trails?

didi Is As Free & Fragile As The Foam In The Sea

With their newest album ‘Memory Foam’ out into the world didi is unafraid to wear their emotions on their sleeves.

The Dodos Play Bowery Ballroom

Photos from The Dodos’ show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC.