Sheriff Tweetstorm is on the Case

There’s a new sheriff in town. Just not the kind America was asking for.

Milwaukee County Sheriff/Fox News contributor/Blue Lives Matter champion David Clarke was tapped by President Donald Trump for a job in the Department of Homeland Security. Clarke has been one of Trump’s loudest supporters. Given the president’s proclivity for doling out cushy bureaucratic jobs to friends and relatives, it’s a perfect fit.

Professionally, Clarke is best known for wearing too much flair and letting people die in his jail. In his spare time, though, he’s a twitter enthusiast. We at BTRtoday believe social media offers a window into the soul. With that in mind, here are some of the sheriff’s greatest hits.

Five days after Trump’s inauguration, Clarke’s hopes were high. You can feel the innocence of the moment, before the Flynn firing, Comey memo, classified information leaks and every goddamn thing in between. Where did those years go? Bonus points for the crappy meme and clipart snowflakes.

Flex those internet muscles, sheriff. That Women’s March drew a big crowd of intimidating characters, but you showed them. In not responding back, though, the taunting marchers invalidated your go-to move of throwing them in jail and denying them water.


Recipe for GOP pundit stew, 2008-2016: In a large bowl, stir in vague historical reference. Mix with comparison of Obama to Hitler and Nazis. Garnish with exhortation for sheeple to wake up. Serve take hot.

This tweet is a Fox News producer’s wet dream. ISIS fighters invading our country, teaming up with Black Lives Matter, ripping the Constitution to shreds and destroying the country as we know it? Grab the Kleenex. I can’t tell which is better, the unintentional typo (being) or the sarcastic intentional one (Lies). I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, SHERIFF! And just in case you have any doubt in Clarke’s foresight, take his word for it–he WILL be right again.

Cheers to you, sheriff. Here’s hoping your new position comes with a gag order.