Shannon Shaw Leads BTRtoday’s Weekly Top 30 Albums

1. Shannon Shaw, Shannon in Nashville (Easy Eye Sound)

Shannon Shaw “Broke My Own”

2. Neighbor Lady, Maybe Later (Friendship Fever)
3. Sam Evian, You, Forever (Saddle Creek)
4. High Disciple, s/t (Ernest Jenning)
5. Ben Caplan, Old Stock (Rhyme & Reason)
6. Hana Vu, How Many Times Have You Driven By EP (Luminelle)
7. Momma, Interloper (Danger Collective)
8. Uni, s/t (Chimera)
9. Daisy O’Connor, Mixtape EP (Tremolo)
10. Mormor, Heaven’s Only Wishful EP (Don’t Guess)
11. For Esme, Righteous Woman (Self-Released)
12. Petal, Magic Gone (Run For Cover)
13. PMS & The Mood Swings, s/t (Burger)
14. Neko Case, Hell-On (Anti-)
15. La Rosas, Shadow By Your Side (Greenway)
16. Lazyeyes, Echoes (Egghunt)
17. Halo Maud, Je Suis Une Île (Heavenly/PIAS)
18. The Rock*A*Teens, Sixth House (Merge)
19. Tenderfoor, To Be Young (Audio Network)
20. Fit Of Body, Black Box No Cops (2MR)
21. Johnny Marr, Call The Comet (New Voodoo)
22. Self Defense Family, Have You Considered Punk Music? (Run For Cover)
23. Gabrielle Marlena, Good Music for You (Self-Released)
24. Nark, Empty Void EP (2MR)
25. Melody’s Echo Chamber, Bon Voyage (Fat Possum)
26. Gabriella Cohen, Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love (Sinderlyn)
27. Loa, Tide EP (Self-Released)
28. The Burning Peppermints, Glittervomit (High Dive)
29. The Essex Green, Hardly Electronic (Merge)
30. Joan Of Arc, Nineteen Eight-Four [1984] (Joyful Noise)