Sex Workers, Julian Casablancas, The Eagles And More Made BTR’s Week

This week, we saw Trump do more Trump things and Roseanne proved nastier than ever as she deployed some truly racist tweets under the influence of being a racist. I mean Ambien.

We also rocked out to Julian Casablancas and explored the unpleasant side of some of our favorite hot weather treats.

BTRtoday hosted a killer show at Brooklyn’s Northside Festival with Barlow, Shana Falana and The Goon Sax. Check out our photoblog from the event. And Elena Childers also got up close and personal with The Voidz and Post Animal.

And plus, Roseanne was fired for being racist, which is a good step for America.

Check out our other story picks for the week below.

Financial Services Are Shutting Out Sex Workers

Photo by Maru Lombardo, via Unsplash

“I just felt like I was being spoken to like I was a criminal and I was doing something wrong,” says Bianca Baker. “Which I know I’m not.”

The Eagles Are the Best, and it’s The Worst

Photo by Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons

Our lifelong Giants fan reluctantly turned into an Eagles admirer after Trump did a Trump once again: “The Eagles not only exposed the Trump administration (and Fox) for its lies, but made the president look downright ridiculous.”

An Epic Kickoff To The Voidz Residency

Photo by Elena Childers

For the first night of their month at Elsewhere, The Voidz were joined by fellow Cult Record artists Surfbort and Promiseland.

Your Favorite Summer Foods (That May Cause Food Poisoning)

Your barbecue may be teeming with bacteria. Here’s how to stay in the sun and away from the doctor this summer.

Post Animal To Play First Show In Space

Photo by Emily Quirk

Or so they hope. We chat with guitarist Matt Williams about Elon Musk, The Office and Interplanetary Falcon Rock.