Secret Sets, Stock Photos & Stinky Cheese This Week on BTRtoday

We love investigating mysteries at BTRtoday, especially when the solution might be a secret rock show. As we got to the bottom of Bodega’s surprise show, we learned about French cheese, discussed social media data mining and tried getting to the bottom of weird, wet stock photos. Join us on our journey in the links below.

The Mysterious Wet Women of Stock Photographs

Image courtesy of Pexels

It’s proof that we as a culture still don’t know what to do with women’s bodies if not sexualizing them. But beyond that uncomfortable cultural truth, it’s impossible to divine the purpose or meaning of the photos.

Bodgea Surprised Brooklyn as ATM

Photo by Elena Childers

Playing with FAZI & fellow Brooklynites The Wants, Bodega played a surprise set under the moniker ATM.

Getting to Know 5 Popular French Cheeses

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Get cultured on everyone’s favorite part of the meal, cheese.

Should You Quit Social Media?

Image courtesy of Pexels

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are almost certainly getting more out of you than you’re getting out of them.