Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thinks You're Dumb

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders usually lies from behind a podium. But sometimes Twitter works just as well.

Someone from within the Trump administration must have done some very creative math to produce this statistical gem. The White House has been pushing tax reform for weeks in a desperate attempt to prove that it (and its Republican Congress) are not totally inept. To be fair, this could be an attempt to give the average American taxpayer a break. It also could be a slimy way of framing reform designed to slash taxes of the wealthiest Americans while leaving the rest of us with next to nothing. Yeah, probably the second one.

Within minutes, Twitter was all over it, eviscerating the faulty arithmetic with simple analogies.

The apples breakdown is nice because it’s easy to understand. It’s also generous in assuming only 90 percent of Americans are getting screwed over. Some replies threw bigger numbers at Sanders as if she’s able of understanding a shred of actual logic.

Evoking the Koch brothers is always a nice touch, especially when half the administration is owned by ‘em.

Or, like Ken Tremendous, you can come up with an original, family-friendly insult.

Sometimes, it’s better to just cut through the bullshit. The spokesperson for the most powerful person on Earth is attempting to feed the public lies (again)? Might as well throw a little self-promotion into the mix.

Sanders appears to be falling deeper into the web of lies she spins for her boss. With Sean Spicer, it seemed like that separation was clear as he bumbled through press conferences. With Sanders, the distinction gets murkier by the day.