Sam Evian Leads BTRtoday’s Weekly Top 30 Albums

1. Sam Evian, You, Forever (Saddle Creek)

Sam Evian ” You, Forever” 

2. Neighbor Lady, Maybe Later (Friendship Fever)
3. High Disciple,s/t (Ernest Jenning)
4. Petal, Magic Gone (Run For Cover)
5. Brent Amaker, Goodbye 7″ (Self-Released)
6. Ari Roar, Calm Down (Bella Union)
7. Deeper, s/t (Fire Talk)
8. PMS & The Mood Swings, s/t (Burger)
9. Wax Chattels, s/t (Captured Tracks)
10. Peach Kelli Pop,Gentle Leader (Mint)
11. Las Rosas, By Your Side (Greenway)
12. Tancred, Nightstand (Polyvinyl)
13. Boy Azooga, 1, 2 Kung Fu! (Heavenly/PIAS)
14. Julian, Real Distance EP (Fire Talk)
15. Melody’s Echo Chamber,Bon Voyage (Fat Possum)
16. Ty Richards, Welcome To Flat Earth (Tremolo)
17. Confidence Man, Confident Music For Confident People (Heavenly/PIAS)
18. Neko Case, Hell-On (Anti-)
19. For Esme, Righteous Woman (Self-Released)
20. Drahla, A Compact Cassette (Captured Tracks)
21. Flasher, Constant Image (Domino)
22. Bernice, Puff: In The Air Without A Shape (Arts & Crafts)
23. Pllush, Stranger to the Pain (Father/Daughter)
24. Gabrielle Marlena, Good Music for You (Self-Released)
25. Tracyanne & Danny, s/t (Merge)
26. Hatchie, Suger & Spice EP (Double Double Whammy)
27. Jennifer Castle, Angels Of Death (Paradise of Bachelors)
28. Tenderfoot, To Be Young (Audio Network)
29. Johnny Marr, Call The Comet (New Voodoo)
30. Wons Phreely & The Horses, The Night Has An Alibi EP (Self-Released)