Revisiting SXSW at the BTRhouse

For four years running, from 2013-2016, BTRtoday sent a crew of producers down to Austin for SXSW to cover the festival, put on a day party with some of our favorite touring artists, and produce some sessions and videos with artists in town for the festival. We did these sessions at a spot we fondly referred to as the BTRhouse … okay, it was actually two spots, as the house we used for the first three years was no longer available the fourth year, but still, we carried on.

These videos were shot during performances for our flagship music podcast, BTR Live Studio, as host Maia Macdonald spoke with artists on a porch or patio, or in a backyard, instead of the usual Brooklyn recording studio. They were fun to produce and, though we hadn’t been back down there to do something similar in a few years, we miss doing them. And since SXSW unfortunately needed to be scuttled this year due to much warranted health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing that the festival would have wrapped up this past weekend had us feeling a need to revisit those times.

So, if you — like us — missed your annual SXSW fix this year, perhaps these may help you out.

2015 // Son Little

2014 // Kishi Bashi

2015 // Summer Heart

2016 // CocoRosie

2016 // Mise En Scene

2015 // Radio Zydeco

2016 // Pearl Charles

2014 // Tom Brosseau

2016 // Guts Club

2015 // Fred Thomas

2016 // Lucy Dacus

2015 // Orenda Fink

2013 // Laura Stevenson

To see and hear more from ‘BTR Live Studio,’ whether recorded in Austin or Brooklyn, check out the podcast and the video series.