Remembering the Memes of 2020

We’ve never needed memes more than this year. Sure, dumb internet posts don’t make the horrors and insanity of the world any better—but they do provide a distraction.

With everyone cooped up inside for months, a ton of extra creative energy went into making memes. Most memes are fleeting, but at a time when we can use a respite from almost every waking moment of our miserable, quarantined, politics-filled lives, the internet provides some timeless ones too.

There were so many blog-worthy memes this year we couldn’t include all our compilations, but we threw together some of our favorites, including BTRtoday’s most popular post of the year. We’ll let you guess which one that is.

Quarantine Memes to Help You Pass the Time

You probably just ended up staring at your phone the entire quarantine, so why not revisit these memes?


Have You Been Pranked by the Huge Penis Guy Yet?

The Huge Penis Guy Prank: Part Two

Yes, he was a porn star—he went by the name Wood and he and his story went viral this year. We needed two posts to cover it.


The Best Tiger King Memes

A show this wild was bound to produce countless jokes.


Nature is Healing, We Are The Virus … Memes

The world is doing better with humans staying at home. These memes are proof.


The Kylie Jenner “WAP” Memes That Steal the Show

Mixed reviews are in about Jenner’s appearance in the video, but the memes are hilarious either way.


Wait, It’s All Memes? Always Has Been.

This astronaut meme might be the perfect encapsulation of a year full of dark realizations.


The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Memes

The actor has been memed countless times, but his Django laugh might be his best work yet.


The Best Election Memes

Election Day—er, week—was stressful. These memes helped make it a little more bearable.