Remembering His Royal Badness, Prince

It’s been half a decade since we lost the higher being who went by many names but was most commonly known as Prince. His influence in music, style, and overall badassery will be felt forever and his absence will always be painfully felt. When we lost the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, we lost a chunk from the heart of all that is music.

With a master this celebrated, there’s no need to deep-dive into his music credentials. But if you’ve actually lived under a rock your entire life just know he was the essence of music personified. According to the BBC, Prince played 27 different instruments on his debut album alone. He also produced 39 studio albums, four live albums, countless compilations, and classic hit songs for numerous other artists. Before he passed, Prince had sold around 100 million albums and still had hundreds of unreleased songs, many of which were already recorded.

Prince, “Raspberry Beret”

Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy”

The funny thing about Prince is that when you meet one of his dedicated fans, you think they know everything about him. But the outrageously famous pop star was actually a very private man who only recently became somewhat googleable. Finding him on Youtube or Spotify is a relatively new phenomenon. Most of the “facts” his fans relay are only rumors.

That changed last year. Something amazing happened for Prince fans everywhere during last year’s COVID-19 quarantine: his estate released a new podcast series entitled “Prince: The Story of ‘Sign-O’ The Times” (listen here).

“Prince: The Story of ‘Sign O’ The Times'” Ep. 1 trailer

The podcast includes chats with former employees, friends, and tons of people he was close with. They also spin previously unreleased recordings. It’s the most personal glimpse of Prince the public has ever received.

Now, five years after his passing, the world has the ability to get to know Prince on an entirely new level. There are scores of books and articles to choose from, and now podcasts, YouTube videos, and more content from his estate online. The mysterious artist has come alive again. And it’s happening during a rough time, a time when we can use Prince’s transcendent artistry now more than ever. Amid pandemics and civil unrest, fresh Prince content feels like tonic for humanity.

Still, Prince was an extremely private person while alive. It makes you wonder whether he’d approve of all this becoming more available. But whether there’s new music or information or anything, his significance to fans and music lovers is clear. Prince lives on in our souls and remains unforgettable, whether we can Google him or not.