Indie Musicians Covered ‘Linger’ And The Responses Are Harsh And Hilarious

Facebook user Jason Lee probably said it best. “Christ on a crotchrocket, please don’t let that linger any longer.”

Red Bull throws mini music festivals all the time, and this year they’re throwing a female-centric one called “Sound Select” in Philadelphia (Oct. 12-14). It actually looks pretty cool. Less cool was their decision to hype this with a video of an “indie supergroup” covering “Linger” by The Cranberries.

The cover features musicians from Sad13, Shamir, The Dove & The Wolf and Queen Of Jeans—which are all pretty rad bands. It was premiered on Uproxx, who posted it on their Facebook page, and strap in boys and girls, because these comments are very detailed and hysterical.

Really, you don’t even need to watch the video to appreciate these comments. The video is whatever. It’s not the worst thing on the internet, but it’s nowhere near the best. However, these comments are 10/10 worth reading. Below we bring attention to a few of our favorites.

One commenter, Dustin Hale, wrote a short story about romance and heartbreak, and how this video never ends—it’s 500 words long.

Myra Yeargan also added a lengthy and very specific comment about how this cover possibly could’ve happened. She writes, “I’m thinking maybe one day when they were hanging out at the Whole Foods outdoor food court, they got this idea to start a GoFundMe page (which one of the kids’ parents started a large donation to get it up and running) so they could film their first cover song.” She concludes it by saying, “overall they pulled it off, and now one of them has the perfect story to write about in his college application.”

Facebook commenter Benson Chase just really wishes musicians could all be friends and real with each other so they can say to one another that maybe you just shouldn’t be making music. “I’ll be this ‘indie supergroup’s’ real friend and gladfully tell them this cover sucks shit through a tube,” Chase writes.

Oh, the internet is a cold and cruel place—but holy hell it’s entertaining.

Check out all the comments here and see which one is your favorite or maybe add your own novel of a comment.