Ranch Girl is the First Everyday Hero of the 2020 Democratic Primary

The 2020 Democratic primary is barely underway and it’s already getting old. Candidates are pandering to voters and holding cringeworthy town halls. With Bernie Sanders now in the race, we’re guaranteed at least four more years of Twitter wars.

The primary is going to be 16 months of unending character attacks and political garble. It’s good for the Democratic Party, no question. But it’s also tiring. That’s exactly why we have to enjoy the little moments provided by everyday heroes, like Hannah Kinney, aka the Ranch Girl.

The video was taken while Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was answering questions from supporters at the Airliner bar in Iowa City. According to CNN’s DJ Judd, Gillibrand was providing some interesting answers, including why she called for Al Franken’s resignation in 2017 and which parts of the Green New Deal she supports. But internet onlookers were enthralled by the woman who, politely but forcefully, asked to move past the candidate to get some ranch dressing.

Ranch dressing’s approval rating is off the charts. It’s the perfect combination of fat, lactose and oil that’ll make pretty much every food a little bit tastier and a lot more unhealthy. You can quite literally put ranch on everything, even if it seems gross (and it often does).

As an onlooker points out, the interaction was “Very Iowa.” Ranch wasn’t just some random condiment for this bar patron. It was a vital part of her meal that there wasn’t enough of. What was she going to put it on? Was she simply looking for extra? Is she even a Gillibrand supporter? These are inevitable questions that follow in the wake of Ranch Girl’s moment in the spotlight. But unlike in politics, the answers don’t matter. Sometimes you just need more ranch.

The primaries are exhausting, especially in Iowa. Ranch Girl and other Iowans are probably used to presidential hopefuls overtaking their casual spaces attempting to relate to voters. But not even an impromptu candidate Q&A was going to get in her way. She just kept on living her life, politely scooting by in search of ranchy goodness and winning a year’s supply of dressing in the process. And for that, she’s a true hero.