Quarantine Nutrition, New Songs, & Evil Pols This Week on BTRtoday

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The Dears Talk New Album, Social Climate, & Pioneering Indie Rock

Tom Cotton Thinks Shakespeare was American

Nutrition to Get You Back on the Training Track


Premiering +/- {Plus/Minus}’s Quarantine Song/Video “Isolation 01: Just Let It Pass”

New York Cancelling Dem Primary Should Anger Bernie Supporters


Premiering Rob Dobson’s Twangy Cosmic New Track “Wasted Life”

Voluntary Quit During COVID-19 is Evil


Premiering Tall Juan’s Breezy Cumbia-Inspired Track “Rocio”

Nature is Healing, We Are The Virus … Memes


Premiering the Sophomore EP from Cult-Rock Trio Programmique

Quarantine Kitchen with Field Failing of Manhattan’s Fields Good Chicken