Punk Rock, Cold Beer and Gross Comedy This Week at BTR

Headphone jacks are on the way out. Louis C.K. is on his perverted way back. And New York City punk rockers know how to handle the Monday blues. This week BTRtoday featured IPA history, the Eagles’ not-so-great greatest hits and a major anniversary for an influential art mag.

Peep the links below.

See You In Hell With Retail, GRLwood & Gnarcissists

Photo by Elena Childers

Some people might think Monday nights are for resting, but NYC punks would say otherwise.

Louis C.K. Came Back Too Soon

Adapted from a photo by Flickr user David Shankbone

The comedian’s self-aware persona made his nonconsensual comeback seem that much worse.

What We Lose When The Headphone Jack is Gone

Photo by Pexels

Apple is making the once universal audio connection a dead technology and the world will be a slightly worse place for it.

The Juicy History Behind IPA Beer

Photo by Kate Kolenda

The not-so-bitter truth behind beer snobs’ favorite brew.

Why The Eagles’ Greatest Hits Doesn’t Have Their Greatest Hit

The Eagles – Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975)

It doesn’t even have ‘Hotel California’ on it.

The Baffler 30th Anniversary with Deerhoof

Photo by Edwina Hay

The Baffler turned 30 and threw a party with Deerhoof.