Premiering Tongues of Fire Music Video for “Sunburn”

Nothing screams punk rock like smashing a car with baseball bats.

When Tongues of Fire formed, the Asheville-based punks bought a van for $600, fixed it up, wrote some songs and then hit the road. During those days they wrote “Sunburn,” a fast, distortion-heavy punk thrasher about standing your ground.

“Sunburn” is a perfect song for times when you have anger you need to mosh away. And Tongues of Fire used it as a therapeutic way to cope with the aggression that comes with losing a trusty, but rusty tour van. When their van broke down for the last time, the band sold it for parts and used the money to film themselves working out the aggression the van’s loss caused them.

“[The van] wasn’t worth fixing so we decided to destroy it,” guitarist/singer Lowell Hobbs tells BTRtoday. “This entire video was financed with the scrap value of a 1992 Ford Aerostar.”

Be the first to watch the video below for Tongues of Fire’s “Sunburn” and see how a group of punk rock friends can completely rip apart an entire van.

Tongues of Fire “Sunburn”