Premiering Thelma & The Sleaze’s “Down” from Upcoming Album

Last time we chatted with raunchy cool cat Thelma & The Sleaze frontwoman LG, her band was gearing up for a European tour. A year later, LG is back with a new LP, Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Today, we’re sharing the first track with all you Sleazy fans.

The Tennessee-based musician’s goal is to make listeners want to fuck, be afraid of her and be her—and her new song does all three.

The epic blues rock thrasher “Down” showcases gritty guitar riffs and hot and heavy solos. With raspy vocals, LG sings about someone who’s got their shit “down,” but is really fucking up. “Are you turning your cheek to the things you can’t face?” LG sings sensually, yet intimidating. “I’ve got to hand it to you, you really know what to do, you’ve got it down.”

Fuck, Marry, Kill comes out Aug. 9 on The What Of Whom records. In the meantime, get turned on below by Thelma & The Sleaze’s “Down.”