Premiering The Video for Lasso Spells’ “Be What You Want”

We chatted with Brett Dudash fresh off the release of Bohemian Mechanics, his sophomore full-length as Lasso Spells.

Now, he’s back with the video for “Be What You Want.” The song’s mesmerizing slide guitar swirls together with drums and Dudash’s cool-guy vocals for a catchy and addictive tune. The video follows the adventures of a dangerous outlaw played by Dudash himself. In a suit, beard and sunglasses Dudash takes a mysterious suitcase to an undisclosed location before shaving off his beard, changing to a Hawaiian floral button up shirt, beige shorts and hitting the road.

Imagine an Ocean’s 11 heist set to a psychobilly rock ‘n’ blues thrasher. It’s bright and beautiful, but danger lurks around every corner.

As the song’s lyrics say “you cut your hair, you change your ways, you drink for days and days and days and days and days,” Dudash embodies paranoia around a cluster of security cameras and a man in aviator sunglasses listens into his hotel room while the rockin’ song makes the suspense come alive.

Does Dudash get away with it? Watch the exclusive premiere of Lasso Spells’ video for “Be What You Want” below and see for yourself.