Premiering the Retro Video for "Better Than It's Been" by TV's Daniel

With “Better Than it’s Been,”  TV’s Daniel has recorded their most optimistic song yet. But don’t expect 100% sunshine and cheerfulness.

“In true pessimistic TV’s Daniel fashion, I can’t write a song about something that is actually good,” frontman Daniel Fried says. “Only something that is better than it’s been.”

“Better Than It’s Been” is an uplifting power-pop banger. If you know TV’s Daniel from its members’ extensive Texas punk rock resume—with musicians from Rise Against, The Well, Drakulas, OBN III’s and Leather Girls and the frontman, Daniel Fried, current and former member of VIDEO, Bad Sports, Radioactivity, Mind Spiders and the Wax Museums—it’s gonna come as a surprise.

The song bursts with flirtatious synth, lively beats, captivating effects and guitar riffs played with just the right amount of distortion. “Better Than It’s Been” encourages optimism, even if that only means focusing on finding something that’s just OK in something shitty.  In the video, a camera treated with a faulty ’90s VHS filter swirls the band but keeps them tight in its retro-looking frame.

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TV’s Daniel, “Better Than It’s Been”