Premiering The Bobby Lees’ New Song “Coin”

The Bobby Lees are no strangers to leaving things up to fate, which is exactly what they did when writing their new track “Coin.”

“Musically, the decisions were made with the flip of a coin,” frontwoman Sam Quartin says of deciding the direction of the tightly knotted melody and tense chords of “Coin.”

“Coin” is the first track off their sophomore album Skin Suit, which comes out May 8 on Alive Naturalsound. With its angular guitar riffs and vocals that build from muffled to manic, the track feels like a dream tumbling into a nightmare. Quartin starts off mumbling vocals over guitar distortion. Halfway through, the song turns even darker, and Quartin starts bellowing over epic guitar shreds and trembling backing vocals.

The zero-dollar budget video sits you down with Quartin while she reads her personal journal, which is appropriate because the lyrics came directly from her journal entries. As Quartin pores over the words, insanity bursts out all around her with animation by drummer Macky Bowman.

Be the first to see the video for and hear The Bobby Lees’ “Coin” below and catch them in Brooklyn at Our Wicked Lady on Feb. 8.

The Bobby Lees, “Coin”