Premiering T.V.O.D.'s Debut Music Video "Buy. Sell. Die."

T.V.O.D. has a message for the world: It’s all about the money, baby. Give up on your dreams and get them dollar bills or you’re not worth anything.

Or at least that’s the fictional philosophy T.V.O.D. (Television Overdose) is pushing on their new fast and raw punk track “Buy. Sell. Die.”

“Sell your soul for the dollar, give up on your dreams and give in to the American machine,” frontman Tyler Wright says about the song’s sarcastic advice.

The video features the punk rock trio—Wright (Shadow Year), guitarist Nikki Sisti (Thick) and drummer Trevor Mustoe (Plastic Pinks)—in suits running around Manhattan shouting “Buy! Sell! Die!,” throwing briefcases around, barfing and pissing everywhere.

That’s what successful business people do, right?

Be the first to watch”Buy. Sell. Die.”—T.V.O.D.’s very first music video and catch them tonight at Planet X with Grim Streaker and Ashjesus.

T.V.O.D, “Buy. Sell. Die.”