Premiering Scott Yoder's Final Single of 2019 "No Longer Apart"

Scott Yoder’s robust series of singles have helped us hang on throughout 2019. With the challenging year coming to a close, “No Longer Apart” is the burst of energy we didn’t know we needed.

He kicked his singles series off earlier this year on Valentine’s Day with the gloomy yet romantic tracks “Sugar On Your Lips” and “Iris.” Now, he’s releasing his sixth and final track to the series, the epic and mournful “No Longer Apart.”

“No Longer Apart” is destined to be the song that rings through your head when your heart drops into your stomach and a lump forms in your throat. The powerful echoing guitar creates a tear-jerking melody that befriends your jangled nerves while the world’s falling apart around you.

Yoder’s previous release, the softer and slower b-side “Wither On The Vine,” showcased the singer’s brilliant sense of drama. “No Longer Apart” bursts like an explosion and leaves your brain aching for more.

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