Premiering QWAM’s Debut Album

QWAM intertwines fast and angry punk rock with energetic melodies that will have you screaming along in a flash.

Last time BTRtoday chatted with the New York-based quartet, it was over a year ago, shortly before their sophomore EP Feed Me dropped. Along with their dangerously catchy debut EP Queen With A Megaphone, Feed Me told the world that there was a new standard for gritty/garage rock.

Their debut self-titled full-length stays true to all their lovable DIY grittiness and angst. But QWAM has tightened up and elevated the punk rock bar to a whole new level.

With the track “Everybody Wants to Watch,” the album kicks off with just under two minutes of screaming about dreaming the world away and loving what hurts you. Frontwoman Felicia Lobo’s passion oozes through her vocals as she drawls “it’s a monster, it’ll hurt me, I know, but it won’t desert me.” Anyone who’s been stuck in love idealizing someone who in reality sucks will know exactly what she means.

QWAM, “Everybody Wants to Watch”

With this new album, QWAM snaps you out of your unproductive daydreams and forces a fast, furious and empowering reality.

Listen to the exclusive stream of the debut self-titled album below before its Friday release and catch them at their tour kickoff show 4/19 at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn.