Premiering Nectar's Track "Blister"

Who’d think a song about blisters could be so rosy?

Nectar’s newest track, “Blister,” was written after the Nectar frontwoman Kamila Glowacki, got in a gnarly skateboarding accident that almost cost her an arm. With “Blister,” the Champaign, IL-natives deliver devastating news to an upbeat and thrashing pop-punk melody. With its shimmering and soothing vocals, it’s hard to notice just how melancholy the lyrics actually are.

“‘Blister’ is a reminder to not be too hard on yourself, find gratitude in the small things, and do everything with intention,” Glowacki says. “[I was] left with scars—which, like blisters, are physical reminders of healing, resilience and the toll of doing something you love.”

Be the first to listen to “Blister” by Nectar below and catch them live this month in Illinois and Michigan.