Premiering Megafauna’s Video For “Is There Anything Else”

Austin, TX psych-rockers Megafauna ponder whether everything’s already been done idea in the song and video for “Is There Anything Else.”

“[It’s] about wondering what is left to do at this stage of history that hasn’t already been done,” Megafauna frontwoman Dani Neff tells BTRtoday. “So we wanted to convey that stylistically by shooting the video on a medium of the past.”

Shot on Super 8 film, the video feels familiar yet strange. Shots of the quartet shredding in front of a white backdrop are juxtaposed with an unsettling story about a person stealing a camera from an “Esteem Sale” who gets an unpleasant surprise when she develops the film.

The band’s primal rock sound and Neff’s other-worldly vocals create an alien sound that transports listeners to new realms. “Is There Anything Else” is the latest release from Megafauna’s fifth LP, Ghost Coast, where the band explores broken patriarchies, societal destruction and the elusive American dream.

Watch the new video by Megafauna below to get the wheels turning and thoughts pumping.

Megafauna “Is There Anything Else”