Premiering Hearken’s Dark & Stormy Debut Album

Listen to Hearken’s debut album Help Me, I’m Alive, and a dark cloud of dense emotion just might appear overhead.

The Pittsburgh duo is self-releasing it tomorrow, June 27, and are more than excited to introduce themselves as the eerie misfits they are. Help Me, I’m Alive is ten tracks of pure emotional darkness. Songs about drugs, self-loathing and starting anew are sung deep and echoey alongside a twister of guitar and drums. Though Hearken is only a guitarist and drummer, their sound booms and cracks as loud as thunder and lightning. Once you get past the intimidation, you become one with this storm.

Their debut EP Carte Blanche (2017) portrays Hearken as badass lords of the night. But this new LP heightens and solidifies their ability to musically raise hell. When playing live these two make audiences’ ears bleed and the walls sweat with fear. They’re not here to take your shit and they’re not afraid to tell you about it. But there’s still a relatability with Help Me, I’m Alive that connects you to Hearken’s hellraisers unlike any other metal and/or punk rockers currently out there.

Get an exclusive listen a day before its release below and let yourself get swept up in the epic tornado that is Hearken’s Help Me, I’m Alive.