Premiering H. Kink’s Twangy Break-up Video “Hit the Road”

Sometimes breaking up feels like getting out of jail. H. Kink’s twangy and deceptively sweet-sounding “Hit The Road” celebrates the relief and freedom of walking out of a relationship that had you feeling trapped. 

Over coiled old school echoey country pickin’ guitar, the Los Angeles singer serves a trifling man his walking papers, singing “you can’t talk to me any more” like breathing in fresh air for the first time in years. 

Inspired by ‘70s superstar brother sister act The Carpenters, the song’s video recreates the music/variety-show aesthetic of the late ‘60s and ‘70s with vivid colors, lived-in vibes and sass galore. 

H. Kink, the alter-superego of Lisa Rieffel, pledges allegiance to dirty bar-bathroom femme-pop but, as in “Hit the Road,” occasionally swim sinto the more languid waters of love balladry and pseudo-country. But no matter the genre, she never lets a man hold her back. 

Hearing H. Kink’s sweet vocals would be enough to make any man come running back with his tail between his legs. That’ll only make it hurt all the more when he’s told to “scram, pussycat.”