Premiering Glass Heart String Choir’s Nostalgic New Track “Stars”

Glass Heart String Choir stays true to their name with “Stars,” an orchestral and powerful ballad guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.

The Seattle-based duo’s songs burst with passionate vocals and robust musical accompaniment. On “Stars” cello, viola, harp and violin weave a beautiful pattern before a crash of piano, synth and rolling drums create a tsunami of melody.

Vocalist Ian Williams says the song is about how memories can pull us out of the present.

“[This track] delves into the feeling of mental time-travel that we all do with our pasts, of journeying back into the moments that we can’t let go of,” Williams says. “Things that happened lifetimes ago that we wake up feeling as if we’re next to them, before they dissipate again—between sleep and dreams, between wake and sleep, between now and then, between us and stars.”

Be the first to listen to Glass Heart String Choir’s “Stars” below and let your mind wander through space and time.