Premiering Fly Golden Eagle's New Track "Hot Dog Alley"

Nashville’s Fly Golden Eagle hasn’t released new music since 2014’s Quartz, but they’re back, stronger and dancier than ever.

The song premiering below, “Hot Dog Alley,” is the first single from their upcoming album release, Leprechauns’ Milk on Soft Junk/Blacktooth Records March 17. The song shows that Fly Golden Eagle are still as strange, clever and colorful as ever six years. “Hot Dog Alley” was inspired by bathroom graffiti frontman Ben Trimble found in Phoenix, AZ.

“It’s the type of stuff people write on sticky notes hanging from bathroom mirrors,” Trimble says. “The world can judge according to so many external factors, but you ultimately control your own hype. Free your mind and your ass will follow. From the center comes the boogie.”

The video shows Fly Golden Eagle dancing their asses off in different urban settings as the colors of their matching monochrome outfits change to suit the scene. Follow Fly Golden Eagle into “Hot Dog Alley.” You won’t regret it.

Fly Golden Eagle, “Hot Dog Alley”

(Listen via Soundcloud or Apple Music here!)