Premiering Fime's "Jerk Practice"

Fime’s “Jerk Practice” is a frothy blend of hazy pop and emotional indie with an opening melody that seems plucked from Twin Peaks. The track floats like a cloud from beginning to end, with each echoing word dancing around your brain.

For the video, the west coast trio created a miniature set of cascading dream-like landscapes that fit perfectly with the song.

“We wanted to write a song that was driven mostly by one dreamy, washed-out riff,” the band tells BTRtoday. “After hearing it all come together we felt the miniatures we built were a super compatible world for ‘Jerk Practice’s’ nostalgic sound and themes.”

BTR is proud to premiere the song and video for “Jerk Practice” below. Check it out and invite Fime into your dreams.

Fime, “Jerk’s Practice”