Premiering Dustin Lovelis' Music Video for "Anecdote"

Dustin Lovelis is putting his usual indie-pop sound in the backseat and letting a darker side take the wheel for his third full-length, In Your Chamber. But don’t let that scare you. In Your Chamber’s debut single, “Anecdote,” shows that even his dark side is catchy as hell.

After just a single listen, “Anecdote” sticks in your head. The tuneful melody bounces along while backed by a hard-driving track bursting with psych, garage and indie rock sounds as an alarm evoking struggles with inner demons.

In the video, scientists in labcoats experiment with the song on mysterious equipment, hitting endless buttons and flicking switches left and right. While Lovelis rocks out, scientists menacingly monitor the scene. I won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say it’s a bloody one.

Be the first to watch the video for “Anecdote” below and get ready for In Your Chamber coming out on Park The Van records in February 2020.

Dustin Lovelis “Anecdote”