Premiering Cup’s Spooky Music Video “Night Lite”

I’ve always suspected vampires hung out at Brooklyn’s grittiest and grungiest dive bar and music venue Alphaville. Now, post-punkers Cup prove that I’m right.

In the video for “Night Lite,” Cup drummer Kelsey Chapstick walks out of Alphaville in leather pants and a cape and with a thirst for blood. Inspired by vintage Italian horror/mystery Giallo films, the video follows Chapstick through the dark streets of Bushwick as she stalks her fellow bandmates Tym Wojcik (guitar/vocals), Freddie Wyss (bass) and Chad Sardashti (synth/guitar) to possess them and drink their blood. Once they’re drained of blood, they mindlessly rock out on Alphaville’s stage as Chapstick’s drums vibrate with their blood.

Wojcik tells BTRtoday that there’s nothing like getting bitten by a vampire on a particularly cold Bushwick night. “’Night Lite’ will always hold a special place in our hearts,” he says, adding that the song’s deathrock/spaghetti western vibe came together quickly. “When we were finished playing we looked around at each other and just laughed–we were so psyched about the new sound.”

Be the first to watch the video for “Night Lite” below and gear up for the release of their third LP Nothing Could be Wrong, out May 8.

Cup, “Night Lite”