Premiering Black Beach’s Greasy New Track “Shampoo”

You brush your teeth twice daily, you eat your healthy kale, you even thoroughly wash your hair—so why do you still feel like a pile of shit?

This is the question Boston-based punk rockers Black Beach ask in their newest single “Shampoo.” All that grease gathering on your scalp between washes might rinse away with some shampoo, but the dirty thoughts and crummy feelings you’ve been piling up inside you are going to need something a lot stronger.

Between distorted riffs and boisterous drum beats a fuzzed-out and gritty howl sings over the fast melody about the healthy choices Black Beach makes, followed by a simple question: “so why do I feel so wrong when I’ve been living so right?” The dark, ominous and fast-paced song makes you feel dangerous and disheveled just listening to it, but you also know exactly what they’re talking about.

“Shampoo” is the third single released from Black Beach’s upcoming album Tapeworm, out Oct. 11. Catch them at Brooklyn’s Trans-Pecos Oct. 20 and listen to “Shampoo” below.