Premiering Baby & Dynamite’s Debut Single “U WANT 2 WASH AWAY”

“U WANT 2 WASH AWAY” is a sweet sweet love-making melody fueled by experimentation, autotune and nods to early 2000s R&B. You’d never guess this track was made by a couple of garage rockers.

Cameron J. Castan, frontman of dark indie post-punk garage rockers Whiner, is throwing fans a curveball with his new project Baby & Dynamite. Though the NJ-based band is no stranger to synth and sultry vocals, this new project is a departure from Whiner’s signature sound.

Joined by Johnny Dynamite and Castan, now going by Cammy Baby—he describes this new sound as an “electronica project inspired by horror films, rave culture and dystopia.”

The debut track premiering below “U WANT 2 WASH AWAY” is a shimmering autotuned romance song with beats that make you feel high. If you need a song to dance to this NYE, this it is. Cammy Baby describes it as the anthem to that “what the fuck did I do last night” feeling you get on a hazy morning-after.

Be the first to listen below before the entire mixtape by Baby & Dynamite comes out Dec. 20 on Spotify.