Please, Oh Please, Don’t Fire Bill Maher

The right wing Twitter mob is coming for Bill Maher. It’s time for true liberals to fight back.

After Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets got her show axed, conservatives wondered why the same standard wasn’t being applied to Maher after the Real Time host called President Trump an orangutan.

Please conservatives. Don’t do every single thing in your power to annoy and pester Maher and get his show canceled. Doing so would trigger us libs more than anything has triggered us before. We’re such special snowflakes. Please consider our feelings. HBO is a safe space and we need to keep it that way.

We’re begging you. We need Maher to offer us libs valuable insights from conservative provocateurs. Without Real Time, I would’ve thought Milo Yiannopoulos was a racist, pedophile-defending dirtbag. But thanks to Maher, I know Milo loves to have fun and wears pearls on TV. If you can’t find common ground, like Maher did, you can’t start the thought provoking conversations we need to have.

Maher’s isms are impeccable, from his muslim-baiting atheism to his left-punching centrism and casual racism. He’s not afraid to gratuitously drop the n-word at the end of a wholly unrelated segment. He’s got the gumption to join Bari Weiss in blaming Palestinian protesters for being massacred by the IDF. And he has the comedy chops to sling the racial slurs other liberal commentators like Trevor Noah and Wyatt Cenac would be afraid to touch.

Maher doesn’t deserve to be fired. He deserves a promotion. What other liberal has the balls to say vaccinations are bad? Or that Quran is a “hate-filled holy book”? Or call Ann Coulter sexy?

Let’s face it: Bill Maher is opening our triggered liberal minds what it’s really like to deal with the problems in society and how we should think about them. And he’s doing it week after week, one joke at a time. He’s not just a comedian—he’s a hero.

So please, conservative twitter accounts, don’t exclusively target impeccable liberal hero Bill Maher. Don’t upload 45-minute YouTube videos filmed in your parked car about how outraged you are. Don’t tweet at HBO about #draintheswamp. And most of all, don’t stage a big protest where all of you wear diapers and pretend to be a baby. That would own us libs so hard our tears would flood the swamp all over again.