Photos From a Disposable: SXSW 2018

We’ve already got the professional photoblogswrite-ups and interviews from the event. Now, it’s time for the old-school throwaway FunSaver disposable camera to do its job. Remember in middle school when you would use one to take horribly lit photos of your friends bowling or roller skating or something else really innocent? Well, imagine that, but as adults. Now innocence is gone but the bad lighting remains.

Behind the scenes and on-stage shots of bands like Thick, Combo Chimbita, Sloppy Jane and so many others filled the roll of film. To be honest, I’m surprised there aren’t any naked people in here, but that’s the thing about film—you’re always spotting new things through the light glares.

A quick word of caution: These photos will fill you with envy and/or make you feel as fucked up as the people in them. Have fun.