Peter Daou Blocked Me on Twitter

Looking for a block party this weekend? Peter Daou has been throwing one for months.

The political activist/hardcore Hillary shill has been blocking Bernie Bros and fun-pokers via Verrit’s Twitter account. Verrit is Daou’s media project that releases biased “facts,” most of which support Clinton and/or centrist Democrat views. Each nugget comes with an equally confounding verification number which doesn’t seem to be based on anything.

Despite a direct endorsement from Clinton herself, Verrit was met with widespread confusion and mockery upon its launch. On its face, the idea is laughable: a verification system based on nothing but preconceived notions and information. After an election which supposedly confirmed the existence of a liberal bubble of thought and ideas, Verrit reinforces it—and shoots down anyone who says otherwise.

Problem is, a lot of people say otherwise. Verrit was the butt of Twitter jokes for days, and still gets mocking mentions by left wing journalists and media personalities. Its tweets are met with as much disdain as they are support (if not more).

Daou is pretty thin-skinned when it comes to any kind of Verrit or Hillary Clinton hate, and it shows. The media platform is quick to smash that block button on anyone who dares mock Daou’s noble cause.

I know because I did.

My joke was in reply to Verrit’s pinned tweet linking to Daou’s podcast. The episode of this installment of “The Daou of Politics” was entitled “Bernie Sanders is Destroying the Democratic Party.”

It’s an odd take, considering the party incinerated itself on Hillary Clinton’s funeral pyre last November. That was back when Daou and other Clintonistas were spouting about the importance of party unity. It’s odder still to claim Sanders, statistically the best-liked politician in America, is destroying a wildly unfavorable party propped up by his popularity.

Just minutes later, Verrit blocked me.

That second tweet is sincere—I was honestly impressed. I was one of many responding to the tweet who then replied with their own screenshot of Verrit blocking them.

Was it actually Daou that did it? Probably not. But it does confirm that Verrit has a social media employee or intern whose job it is to monitor replies and immediately boot anyone who mocks Hillary Clinton or the platform itself.

“My guess, and it is only a guess, is that Peter [Daou] figures he can get a publicity bump out of blocking users he doesn’t get along with,” says Politico senior media writer Jack Shafer, who wrote about Verrit’s propagandic feel when it was launched. “He probably thinks it makes him look more hardcore to Hillary Clinton followers.”

That may be true. But as Tuesday’s elections showed, the Democratic platform isn’t locked into the centrist ideals that Clinton represented. As leftist candidates become more viable in national elections, Daou’s real estate on his perceived moral high ground becomes more and more worthless.

Really, by blocking Clinton dissidents, Verrit is breathing life into one of the only legitimate arguments the right has against the left. Conservatives say that liberals are too quick to shut down opinions that differ from theirs, and Daou is playing directly into that. But as the Democratic Party continues to shift further left, the real voice he might wind up drowning out is his own.