Part II: The Long List of Music Industry Figures Accused of Sexual Misconduct

It’s upsetting that we need a list to keep track of the people in the music industry committing sexual assault It’s even more upsetting that the list keeps growing.

But at least we’re finally standing up.

I made the first list in November out of fear. I wanted to have all the music industry people and artist abusing their power in one spot so other musicians and industry folk (including fellow music journalists like myself) wouldn’t end up accidentally working with them—or be victimized by them.

Now, as I add more and more names to this dreadful thing, I don’t feel as frightened. The more I add to this list the more I feel enraged and empowered to do something. It’s important to stay informed and it’s encouraging to see brave women finally feeling safe to stand up for themselves.

The more allies we have the stronger we are. And we’re definitely getting stronger, but there’s still a long way to go. Below are the recent additions to the long list of music industry figures accused of sexual misconduct.

Orri Páll Dýrason (Sigur Rós)
The Sigur Rós drummer resigned from the band in the wake of a series of Instagram posts by Los Angeles-based artist Meghan Boyd that allege he raped her in 2013. Dýrason denies the allegation.

The Orwells
Three members of the Orwells, Mario Cuomo (vocals) and brothers Henry (drums) and Grant Brinner (bass) were accused of sexual assault and sending unsolicited nude photos to minors.

Mac DeMarco
The minimalist indie artist was accused of filming a friend masturbating while in the presence of minors.

K-Ray (Walk The Moon)
Multiple fans took to social media to accuse the bassist/guitarist of sexual misconduct with minors.

Cameron Boucher (Sorority Noise)
Musician Nicole Schoenholz accused Sorority Noise frontman Cameron Boucher of sexual assault/rape an unnamed victim in a Facebook post that was quickly deleted. The alleged victim outed herself in a post on Reddit. Boucher has denied the accusation.

Brockhampton kicked out founding member Ameer Vann after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Melanie Martinez
The pop artist was accused of sexual assault by a longtime friend who says Martinez took advantage of her and manipulated her into having sex.

Jacob Hoggard (Hedley)
The frontman was charged and arrested for sexual assault after turning himself in to the Toronto police.

Asher Meerovich (Tomato Dodgers)
The singer was accused of privacy violations of young women. The band quickly broke up after the accusations.