Owen Shroyer Is In Trouble Again

When you’re Alex Jones’ right hand man, it’s only a matter of time until you get named in a lawsuit.

Owen Shroyer of Infowars was named in the one levied by Sandy Hook victims’ families this week. Like Jones, Shroyer peddled Sandy Hook conspiracy theories on Infowars airwaves, citing glitchy video as evidence of crisis actors.

Shroyer flies under the radar as Infowars’ No. 2 conspiracy spewer, but make no mistake—he’s full-on Jones crazy, only minus the bloated face. You may remember his internet death at the hands of a young girl. But what’s Shroyer been up to lately? Here’s a quick rundown.

Boycotting Twitter

Has alt-right lunatic Twitter felt incomplete lately? Here’s why: Shroyer has shunned the social media platform since Jan. 12, when he announced that he’d no longer “provide content for a platform that views [him] as ‘shitty’” and tries to censor him. It was in response to Project Veritas’ “sting” that revealed Twitter employees have access to users’ DMs. (Whatever the reason, Twitter is better off.)

He May or May Not Have a Trump Back Tattoo

I’m not sure if this ink is real, but I do know retweeting his own post makes Shroyer a tool.

Maybe Twitter should’ve boycotted him.

He Hosts a Show with Roger Stone

Real or not, that back tattoo is a likely homage to his co-host Stone, who we know for certain has Richard Nixon’s face inked on his back. Shroyer brings the energy to every “War Room” broadcast, mostly because Stone looks he’s reenacting the Lemmon Quaalude scene from Wolf of Wall Street.

He’s Jealous of David Hogg’s Gap Year

Shroyer recently bashed Parkland shooting survivor and activist David Hogg (as per Infowars company policy), claiming his gap year was coordinated by CNN. Watch the clip, though, and it’s pretty obvious Shroyer’s jealous he couldn’t skip a year after high school. Being Alex Jones’ large adult son requires no days off. Speaking of which…

He Doesn’t Know What To Do When Daddy is Sad

When Donald Trump ordered airstrikes in Syria, Alex Jones got sad. Like, really sad. Crying on air sad. And there sat Shroyer, staring blankly ahead. He’s clearly never seen his baked potato of a father this upset. His confusion over the moment and his uncertainty about what to do was palpable.

Watch as he completely defers to Jones’ red-faced tirade, like any true alpha male would do.

Cheer up, Owen. At least he didn’t call you a fucking idiot.