Our Year In Music: So Many Premieres, Interviews, Live At-Home Performances, & So Much More!

You might’ve already noticed, but BTRtoday produces a lot of music-oriented content. We’ve got podcasts that concentrate on every genre, videos that give you live performances even during a pandemic, and underground music news you didn’t know you needed to know.

This year, we decided to keep you guys in the loop. Each Sunday we gave you an easy list of everything we did music-wise that week, just in case you missed it. You’re welcome.

Below are five of our top weeks we had in 2020. It’s been a rough year, but the music flow never stopped.

Voter-Access Music Festivals, Premieres, & An Oktoberfest Playlist


Spooky Podcasts, Fun At-Home Performances, & Lots of New Music


Broken Beat, Actual Live Performances, & Musician Interviews


Metal, Future Punk, & Exclusive Premieres


Feminist Punks, Truth AND Dare, & Lots of Premieres