Our Year In Album Premieres

Here at BTRtoday we love to expand your music discovery playlist. In fact, we thrive on it. So when we’re given the chance to provide you an exclusive listen to an album, EP, seven-inch, or compilation before its official release, we jump on it.

So just in case you missed any of those during this very stressful year, check them out below.

Premiering NYC Hip-Hop Artist Kahiem Rivera’s Debut LP ‘Bummer Boy’

The underground indie rapper is spitting out killer beats & inviting you to depths of his mind & soul.


Premiering the Sophomore EP from Cult-Rock Trio Programmique

Drink the Kool-Aid & see the light with the rhythmic new A Reintroduction to Programmique EP.

NJ & NYC Musicians Come Together For ‘Covid Compilation’ Benefit Album

Music will always help the world go round and NYC & NJ are here to prove it.

Premier Rock Forum Presents Charity Compilation ‘PRF/BLM’ to Help Chicago Communities

There’s nothing like amping up your cool-guy music discovery playlist for a good cause.


Exclusively Stream Juracán’s Entire New Album ‘Jarineo’

Heavy hearts and broken souls need a chance to heal—Juracán’s new rain-inspired album is a good place to start.


Exclusive Pre-Release of NYC’s Spite FuXXX New Seven-Inch

It’s time to dance and mosh to the revolution.