Our Week in Politics & Culture: Trump's Got Corona & Terrible First Dates

October just started and it already sucks. No, not just the debate—but yeah, also that. Donald Trump’s got coronavirus, Melania Trump hates Christmas, and conspiracy theories are running wild. Still, we’ve got some happy stories, artist interviews, and a new retro film series for you to get into this week.


On Art Uncovered, Kimberly speaks with Karmel Sabri, a socially engaged Palestinian artist, organizer, and designer. Her work with installation, print making, parties, and public interventions seek to beg the endless question of Palestine in an alternative lens which celebrates culture and fosters meaningful discussion.

Book Talk features Sarah McCraw Crow discussing her book The Wrong Kind of Woman, an engrossing story about finding the strength to forge new paths, beautifully woven against the rapid changes of the early 1970s.

This month’s Nights Of Our Lives promises only Happy Stories—a first for our show we think. From getting engaged to taking dance classes in Tucson to being the lone videographer on a Playboy shoot, happiness sneaks upon you sometimes when you do indeed most expect it.

On Radio Dispatch, John & Molly discuss the New York Times publishing a trove of information about Trump’s tax returns, and Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

This week’s BreakThru Radio Weekly is the first in a new retro film series, looking back a decade to 2010’s Best Picture Academy Award winner The King’s Speech. Plus a live performance from Nasimiyu, recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


On this week’s 1st Person, Andrew tries a dating app for the first time after getting out of a long term relationship. His experience with the first person he matched with is a memorable one to say the least.

Following the New York Times’ detailed reporting on Donald Trump’s tax returns, John Knefel outlines why the wealthy elite would benefit from Trump’s reelection on this week’s Radio Dispatch.


Politics not crazy enough for you? Here’s a quick list of crazy QAnon conspiracies to spice things up a bit.

Before the debate, there was hope and fear. Afterward, there was mostly just fear. And during, there was our wonderful drinking game. Hopefully nobody followed along to the letter, though…

…because the debate was an absolute shitshow. What could make it worse? Well, how about another conspiracy theory about Joe Biden wearing a wire on stage?

A day after the debate, Trump took held a rally in Minnesota and warned his supporters about refugees (read: Black people and immigrants) destroying their communities.

And two days after the debate, Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive for COVID-19. Within minutes, Twitter entered rare form.

Other Politics & Culture News …

Everyone covered it, but few people got the headline right—Donald Trump Endorsed Right-Wing Violence During The Debate.

On The New Republic, Talia Lavin wrote about QAnon is a new iteration of a centuries-old antisemitic nocturnal ritual fantasy and the right’s fascination with fringe conspiracies.

A Christian group has raised over $500,000 for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defenses.

On ProPublica, Elizabeth Weil and Mollie Simon explain why California’s housing policy is making its incessant wildfires much worse.


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