Our Week in Politics & Culture: Snyder Cut & Shrimp Toast Crunch

Not everybody’s good at tweeting. Cinnamon Toast Crunch learned that the hard way this week, and Amazon learned it even harder (not that they cared). But at least they have the ability to post—Donald Trump misses it so much he’s actually working to make his own version of social media. We’ve got those stories plus our usual slate of interviews, movie reviews, political updates, and a special podcast anniversary for your ear holes.


This week on Art Uncovered Kimberly speaks with New York-based artist Audrey Ryan about the collection of intimate paintings depicting members of the punk, hard core BDSM communities that are currently on view at Field Projects in NYC.

On Book Talk, Kory speaks with Laurence Bergreen about In Search of a King, an exploration narrative of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite pirate, Sir Francis Drake, whose mastery of the seas changed the course of history.

Nights of Our Lives presents its 15th anniversary show. They’ve gathered a trio of their favorite storytellers and asked them to tell their favorite stories. Watch out for dead fish, aspiring models, and high school boners. You’ve been warned. Most importantly, thank you for listening all these years. Here’s to fifteen more.

On Radio Dispatch—Racism, sexism and xenophobia intersect after the shooting targeting Asian Americans in Georgia, listener thoughts on the transphobic statehouse bills, and the economist who became a prominent voice on school reopening causes backlash in The Atlantic.

On BreakThru Radio Weekly, Jacqueline Soller joins J. McVay to discuss Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Plus a live performance from Sunny War, recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


After a visit to Nigeria, Nigel learned about the country’s rich culture and appreciated how it differed from the U.S. On 1st Person, he shares how traveling can broaden one’s outlook, foster empathy, and lead one to appreciate things that are often taken for granted.

In recent months, anti-trans legislation has been introduced across the country, specifically targeting trans athletes. On Video Dispatch, Molly Knefel explains why these bills, and others like them, protect patriarchy over people.


Trump could’ve started a media company or founded his own political party. But more than anything, he just wants to keep posting.

The deep societal rot that’s routinized mass shootings has pervaded our ability to consume information about them.

A GOP polling firm used a simple rhetorical trick to make the massive COVID-19 relief bill seem wasteful and insidious. It didn’t work.

Amazon continues lying and embarrassing itself in a desperate attempt to save face on social media.

In the span of a few tweets, a gross cereal discovery turned into a full-blown Twitter scandal.

Other Politics & Culture News …

Joe Biden held the first press conference of his presidency, but not a single reporter asked him a question about COVID-19.

The New York Times obtained new videos from the Capitol Riot that show how officer Brian Sicknick died.

Ryan Cooper has a written a helpful guide on how to oust a Postmaster General hellbent on destroying the U.S. Postal Service.