Our Week in Politics & Culture: Kanye's Campaign Ad & Giuliani's Grift

It’s less than three weeks until Election Day, but the actual election has already begun—more than 17 million people have already voted, either by casting their ballot early or mailing it in. That means those blessed souls don’t really have to pay attention to politics anymore, at least until the first week of November. So no town halls, debates, rallies, or dystopian Kayne West campaign ads. That’s all she wrote!

Still, that doesn’t mean the next couple of weeks won’t be interesting. Hell, we’ve already got a fake email scandal to deal with. We’ve got stuff on that, as well as artist interviews, Trump’s weird senior videos, and YMCA dance, dumb debate memes, an inspiring 1st Person story, and more.


On Art Uncovered, Kimberly interviews Borinquen Gallo, an Italian-Puerto Rican Bronx-based artist whose work delves into themes of beauty, community, socio-cultural systems and structures through sculpture and installations made using a range of repurposed materials.

Book Talk features Logan Smalley and Stephanie Kent discussing The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book, their interactive guide to life-changing books.

This week’s Radio Dispatch features John & Molly rounding up the VP debate and diving into Trump’s videos trying to entice seniors.

On BreakThru Radio Weekly, J.McVay and Joe Virgillito discuss the VP debate, early voting, the bogus Hunter Biden email scandal, and Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings in their second election countdown episode. Plus a live performance from Sad13, recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


After getting clean, Enzo worked hard to maintain his sobriety with the support of his three pillars — school, the gym, and his relationship. When he lost all three due to the global pandemic, he fell into a depression. On 1st Person Enzo shares how he resisted falling back into his old ways despite losing his support system.

Things are bleak at the moment, and John Knefel explains on Video Dispatch why even the best case scenario for the United States in 2021 is less than ideal.​


We had some town halls this week, but we still can’t stop thinking about the debates—namely the memes dumb jokes that came from them.

Trump went back to his happy place this week—campaign rallies. And not even 215,000+ dead could stop him from dancing like an idiot.

Kanye West released his first campaign ad this week and it’s…confusing. Is he a celebrity running for president or a replacement-level Republican running for state senate?

More polling this week showed swing states sliding toward Joe Biden with less than three weeks before Election Day.

An overblown email scandal helped Trump in 2016. In 2020, though, it’s a harder sell—especially when Rudy Giuliani is the one hawking it.

Other Politics & Culture News …

From the new Discourse Blog, Jack Mirkinson asks a very pertinent question of California Senator Dianne Feinstein: are you fucking kidding me?

According to the Daily Beast, Trump knew that Giuliani’s Hunter Biden email scandal was coming days ago.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe wrote about how the debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James as the greatest NBA player of all time has shifted with James’ and the Lakers’ latest championship.

Initial ratings found that nearly 1 million more people watched Joe Biden’s town hall on ABC than Donald Trump’s on NBC.