Our Week in Politics & Culture: Inaugural Memes and Trump's Final Days

It’s inauguration week, so what else could there be to possibly talk about? From Bernie Sanders’ mittens to Trump’s final days in office, our week in talk and editorial has it covered. Plus we’ve got exclusive artist and author interviews, looks into law enforcement’s connection to far right groups, why Republicans are ready to weaponize calls for unity, and how the pandemic has affected parenting. Oh, and plenty of political memes. Can’t forget those.


On Art Uncovered, Kimberly speaks with Hyun Jung Ahn, a Korean painter who creates work that investigates personal connection through enigmatic, abstract forms. Ahn’s work has been exhibited internationally in Seoul, Tuscany, Miami, San Francisco, and New York City. She participated in residencies including Studio in Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and Vermont Studio Center. Ahn currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

On Book Talk, Kory speaks with Peter Ho Davies about A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself, which traces the complex consequences of one of the most personal yet public, intimate yet political decisions a family can make: to have a child, and conversely, to choose not to have a child.

This week’s Radio Dispatch explores John Knefel’s piece at the Prospect about the historical ebb and flow between police and the far right, as well as public health advocates are underselling the vaccine.

On BreakThru Radio Weekly, J.McVay and Joe Virgillito discuss the final days of the Trump presidency and the inauguration and first days of Joe Biden’s presidency. Plus music from artists Comfy and Electric Grandmother, both recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


The COVID-19 pandemic has meant lifestyle changes for many people and this is especially true for parents who are responsible for their children as well as themselves. On 1st Person, Maggie shares some of the ups and downs of parenting during the pandemic and acknowledges that even while their family’s basic needs were always met, there has been a lot to balance over the last 10 months.


Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office will provide insight about what the American people can expect over the next four years. On Video Dispatch, John Knefel shares his thoughts on both Biden’s conservative history as well as some of the encouraging moves made by his transition team over the last few days.


Donald Trump was impeached twice in three years, and when that happens, you’re gonna be the butt of some jokes.

In his finals days in office, it’s important to remember what Trump represented and how it’s reflected in one of the funniest photos ever.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s comments about Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz this week made it clear once again: she needs to retire.

Joe Biden’s inauguration only lasted about an hour, but Bernie Sanders memes will live forever.

Marco Rubio’s laughable gripe about the fears of 75 million Americans is a Republican media shtick.

Other Politics & Culture News …

Senior Democrats are currently drafting a plan that would directly send American parents $3,000 per child.

Writing for The Nation, Sara Luterman details how Rep.Madison Cawthorn has misled the public about training for the Paralympics, just as he misrepresented his education and business history.

Slate‘s Rachelle Hampton interviewed Jen Ellis, the teacher who made Bernie Sanders’ now-famous mittens, about her reaction to watching them go viral.