Our Week in Politics & Culture: Gearing Up for Christmas

It’s not Christmas yet, but we’re almost there. And we’re getting in the spirit in some especially cool ways, like interviewing authors about their new Christmas novels and … ranking the Twelve Days of Christmas? Is that even possible? The answer is yes, and we did it. Take that in along with some other excellent content this week, from artist interviews to year end reflections, fresh movie reviews, some advice on sending your loved ones something extra special this holiday season.


On Art Uncovered, Kimberly speaks with Sarbani Ghosh, a Brooklyn-based artist whose abstracted paintings explore the subconscious mind.

On Book Talk, Kory interviews author Jenny Colgan about Christmas at the Island Hotel. On the tiny, beautiful, and remote island of Mure, halfway between Scotland and Norway, a new hotel opening is a big event. New mother Flora MacKenzie and her brother Fintan are working themselves half to death to get it ready in time for Christmas.

On Radio Dispatch, the Knefels discuss the beginning of vaccine distribution and offer up some end of the year thoughts.

On BreakThru Radio Weekly, J. McVay and Jacqueline Soller discuss two movies available now on Amazon Prime: Sound of Metal, directed by Darius Marder and starring Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, and Paul Raci; and Lovers Rock, the second of five installments in the ‘Small Axe’ series, from director Steve McQueen. Plus a live performance from Dominic Lavoie, recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.


On 1st Person, Alicia shares the story of how she began 2020 with an extended trip to Los Angeles to test the waters for a potential move from New York City only to be forced to cut the stay short once the COVID-19 pandemic began. She describes the eerie experience of rushing back to NYC to quarantine, as well as what she’s learned from the experience.


As the inauguration of Joe Biden approaches, John Knefel comments on the President-Elect’s cabinet choices on this week’s Video Dispatch.


Did you miss the news last weekend? That’s okay, because as you might’ve predicted, it was bleak as hell.

Republicans tried to attack Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock by leaking a video of him calling GOP Senators “gangsters and thugs.” One small problem, though—he’s right.

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt announced he’s registering as a Democrat, which makes sense, since his politics aren’t all that different from most establishment Democrats.

Have you ever considered ranking the Twelve Days of Christmas? Sounds stupid, right? Well, we did it.

Running out of gift ideas for your family and friends? Send them a candy penis. No, seriously—there’s plenty of sites to choose from.

Other Politics & Culture News …

On Monday, the Freedom of the Press Foundation released a report on the record number of journalists arrested in the U.S. this year—up 1,200 percent from 2019.

After a stint as arguably the worst Attorney General in U.S. history, Bill Barr resigned this week.

A new study out of South Korea shows how dangerous eating indoors during COVID-19 can be, even if you’re staying six feet away from everyone.

Monday marked the 12-year anniversary of Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi throwing his shoes as President George W. Bush.